Our Past Projects

We have solved many challenges of business for previous clients through the use of a tailored software solution.

We are confident that our solutions not only solve the current problems a business is facing, but can also scale to meet unforseen bottlenecks or problems in the future.

Back-office System for an Optical Lab

  • The organisation required a system to manage customers and customer orders.
  • Employees were continually performing repetitive manual processes as well as encountering double data-entry scenarios.
  • The managers of the organisation had no business analysis tools or reports available.
  • A web-based back-office application was implemented that was made available from both the local network of the organisation and Internet.
  • The back-office system was then integrated with the public website to allow the public website’s contents to be easily updated (through a custom CMS). The online accounting system (Xero) was also integrated with the back-office system alongside lab management software (Innovations).
  • A number of business intelligence reports were created to enable analysis of different aspects of the business such as sales performance, product quality, customer loyalty, etc.
  • The organisation now has an integrated workplace available from any location. As a result, all information is kept up to date, is easily retrievable and is stored securely.
  • Employees no longer use valuable time for manual processes nor for double data-entry scenarios.
  • Management staff now have access to reporting and analysis tools.

Other Projects