• Slow and unstable system built on outdated components
• Outdated architecture inhibiting development of new features
• No online access for customers (due to data privacy concerns)
• Individual user logins with no role/permission system in place
• Poor architecture resulting in slow and costly maintenance
• No reporting or business intelligence insights available


• Redesign of the system architecture for easier maintenance and extension
• Implementation of 5 new modules covering different aspects of the business
• Elements of PWA (Progressive Web Application) for offline access to some features
• Word Add-in for template authoring (for use in the document management modules)
• Integrated change tracking, appropriate data retention, backup and recovery policies
• Customer access to the main web application and mobile dashboard
• Implementation of multi-tiered modular role/permission system


• New functionality/modules representing new service offerings
• Increased efficiency and accountability of the application users
• New automated workflows eliminating the manual offline processes
• Better decision-making using the new reporting and analytical tools
• Significantly better system performance, data privacy and integrity


Microsoft Azure Azure SQL Server Azure App Service Azure Function App Azure BLOB Storage Application Insights ASP.NET Core MVC Entity Framework MS Word Add-in Twilio API (SMS) SendGrid API (Email) Google Maps Bing Maps Power BI

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