• Vast amount of data accumulated by the business, but unavailable for analysis and decision-making
• No reporting or business intelligence insights available to the management and executives
• Business data distributed across multiple systems (finance, job management, IVMS, etc)


• Locally hosted data warehouse, later migrated to a cloud platform
• Custom data pipelines with extensive data pre- and post-processing
• A web portal for managing the data warehouse and pipelines settings
• A set of Power BI reports covering multiple business units and areas
• Interactive dashboards tailored for different stakeholders


• Actionable insights on day-to-day productivity, significant outliers, and long-term trends
• Short-term and annual reporting tools (unavailable within the existing software)
• Better decision-making based on relevant and accurate information
• Overall increased efficiency and transparency of the business


Microsoft SQL Server Entity Framework ASP.NET MVC Power BI

Data Sources

MTData / Hawk-Eye Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft SQL Server Amazon Redshift Visual Dispatch Navision Deputy

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