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Derive Value from Your Data

Don't get confused by all the "big data" buzz. Your business does not have to be "big" to benefit from BI.

Power BI

How Power BI can help

Essentially, Microsoft Power BI is what you need to make sense of your data and enable a comprehensive 360-degree view of your entire organisation. This could help you optimise the product margins, get rid of low-value customers, allocate more work to the best performing contractors, focus on the underrated sales areas, and do many other improvements.

Power BI seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products like Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics, SQL Server and others, providing a natural extension to your current Microsoft investment.

Our BI Expertise

Having years of experience working with data in a variety of industries, we are here to help you extract the maximum value from your records. We can build a connection to virtually any data source, identify and extract the important data, then create intuitive reports and interactive visuals, offering powerful insights into different aspects of your business. You can rely on our expertise to:

Your BI Project

In most cases we can deliver a proof of concept within a few days. We are confident that once you see what we can do in such a short time, you will want to know what is achievable on a proper project. On the full scale, a typical engagement will involve:

See Power BI in Action

We created a demo dashboard for you to experiment with. All charts and tables are interactive - feel free to click on any element to see different aspects of the report data. Hovering over the elements will display some additional information. Make sure to check all pages of this dashboard - they demonstrate different analytical features.

Use Cases

Below are a few practical scenarios of how BI solutions could be applied to various types of businesses and integrated with their systems.

Business Intelligence Dashboard
BI Dashboard for an Online Retailer

Power BI, DAX, MySQL, Magento

Business Intelligence Dashboard


  • Large amount of data accummulated from online sales
  • No business intelligence available to the management


  • Comprehensive dashboard based on data from the online store
  • Data extracted from Magento and processed with DAX


  • Improved business efficiency via analysis of product performance
  • Identified potential markets based on sales dynamics
Data Warehouse and BI Reports
BI Warehouse for a Transport Company

Power BI, DAX, SQL Server, ASP.NET

Data Warehouse and BI Reports


  • Multiple disconnected data sources with no BI capabilities
  • No business intelligence available to the management


  • Data warehouse aggregating the data from the multiple systems
  • Data cleansed and pre-processed using T-SQL and DAX queries
  • Interactive reports and dashboards published to Power BI


  • Improved business efficiency via analysis of the aggregate data
  • BI reports and dashboards immediately available online
Business Intelligence and Reporting
BI Reports for a Managed Services Firm

Power BI, Power Query, Excel, SQL Server

Business Intelligence and Reporting


  • Job management software with limited reporting capabilities
  • No business intelligence available to the management


  • Comprehensive reports based on data from the job management system
  • Interactive charts and dashboards published to web and Power BI
  • Data pre-processed in MS SQL Server and DAX / Power Query


  • Improved business efficiency via analysis of the report data
  • Business intelligence data immediately available online
Back-office System
Back-office System for an Optical Lab

PHP, MySQL, Innovations, Xero API

Complete Back-office System


  • Obsolete system for managing customers and job orders
  • Repetitive manual processes and double-entry scenarios
  • No tools available for business analysis and reporting


  • Web-based app providing a complete lab management solution
  • Comprehensive reports covering different aspects of the business
  • Integration with an accounting system and lens-cutting machinery


  • Complete back-office platform with integrated business intelligence
  • New automated workflows eliminating the old manual processes
  • Less human error from manual and double-entry operations