Small Business Websites

The consultants and developers at minicode ensure that their web solutions for your business not only meet your requirements today, but also easily scale to meet your business requirements in the future.





What minicode can do for you:

  • Create custom web solutions for e-commerce, backend resource management, reporting and information presentation;
  • Customise your current web site to ensure it is easy to manage and has the ability to reach more customers;
  • Make your business reach its full online potential.

How we do it:

At minicode, we make managing your business website easy so you can spend more time on other tasks without having to worry about what’s happening online. Using one of our Content Management Systems (or CMS for short) a non-technical user can easily create, update and track products and content on their website.

Google Analytics

Google AdWords

Need to analyze your audience and track conversions?

We can integrate Google Analytics and AdWords with your web pages so you can find out how customers are using your website.

For the more technical minded:

At minicode, we believe in using programming languages and practices that are stable, robust and scalable, including:

  • ASP.NET programming (MVC)
  • PHP web development
  • Ajax and JavaScript programming
  • Windows Azure Cloud Platform

More info on the Content Management Systems:

Our developers are able to design and develop plug-ins and layouts for a CMS to meet your business's requirements. We are most experienced in:

  • Orchard (robust and flexible CMS for ASP.NET/MVC platform)
  • WordPress (popular light-weight CMS for PHP platform)
  • Joomla (solid content management solution for PHP platform)
  • Magento (popular e-Commerce platform with lots of plugins)