SharePoint Development

We create our solutions on the Microsoft SharePoint platform to accumulate, categorize, manage and distribute documents and information about your clients, suppliers, orders, resources, schedules, procedures, projects and services.


Are your work processes automated?

How effective is your task management?

Do you store documents properly?

Is your information 100% secure?

Are all your IT resources integrated?

Can you analyse your current situation easily?

Can your staff interact effectively?

Is your business socially oriented?

Consolidate your collaboration and communication processes into one platform!

The implementation of a SharePoint portal is not only affordable for small businesses, it will provide your business with a secure and effective workspace for your staff, as well as a powerful analysis tool to support managerial, marketing and administrative decisions.

Your Benefits:

  • It is an affordable collaboration tool
  • Light-weight project management and integrated communication
  • Effective collaboration between team members and managers
  • Self-service access to critical business information
  • One central location to store and share files
  • Secure way to share information across or outside the organization
  • Elimination of many manual processes by workflow automation
  • Increased employee productivity and minimized human errors
  • Lower operating costs and higher ROI

Please see our SharePoint Frequently Asked Questions for more information on SharePoint and how it could help your business today.