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IT Outsourcing

Brisbane-based management

Professional local developers

Offshore team for routine tasks

Global Star Certification 2008-E-170

15 years in offshore outsourcing

IT outsourcing can help you to:

  • Reduce operating costs: An offshore provider's lower cost structure reduces your company's operating costs and increases its competitive advantage.
  • Improve company focus: Outsourcing lets your organization focus on its core business by having operational functions handled by an outside expert.
  • Free internal resources for other purposes: Offshore outsourcing allows you to redirect your resources from non-core activities to activities which add greater value to your company.
  • Access to world class capabilities: Outsourcing companies usually invest more into technology, methodologies, and people in a specific area than most businesses in general. Additionally, by working with many clients who face similar challenges, we gain greater experience and expertise. In other words, we are specialized in our field.
  • Use resources and expertise not available internally: Outsourcing is a viable alternative to building a solution from the ground up internally, especially when it comes to software development and IT issues.
  • Reduce risks: Keeping up with the technology changes, especially those in which the next generation, requires a significant investment and is very risky. We make these investments on behalf of many clients, not just one. By sharing the investment you are spreading the risk.
  • Make capital funds available: Outsourcing can reduce the need to invest capital funds in non-core business functions. By outsourcing such functions to us, you can free up capital for where you need it most - the core of your business.

Your checklist for vendor selection:

  • Flexible contract terms - At minicode we understand the unpredictable nature of business. Therefore, we are constantly working to help our clients stay flexible and scalable.
  • Commitment to quality - Our outsourcing partners have established internal quality assurance policies. This way you can rest assured that you will be delivered a stable and robust solution.
  • Scope of resources - All our developers have a University degree in Computer Science or similar, and many are certified in different areas of information technology and business.
  • References and reputation - We invite you to contact any of our clients and hear for yourself just how valuable we could be to your company.
  • Location - You benefit from the combination of our local presence in Australia and offshore development in Eastern Europe. The time difference between development centres allows for both regular communication and effective utilization of days and nights.
  • Cultural match - Being located in Eastern Europe and working predominantly with Western clients, our team has European mentality and understands the needs of modern business. And yes, they all can communicate in English.
  • Price - You'll find our costs to be very competitive not only in Australia, but also in comparison with other offshore outsourcing firms from Eastern Europe and Asia.
  • Existing relationships - We believe a long-term relationship with our clients is the best for all involved. We aren't just looking to solve your current IT needs, we are looking to grow with you.